Take Advantage of Our Reliable Microwave Repair in Seattle, WA

Microwave ovens can be found in millions of homes around the world. The technology of this modern kitchen appliance has practically revolutionized how families make and have access to hot food easily. However, if your microwave ovens do not function like this as expected, it is now time for you to call for a microwave repair in Seattle, WA. Metro Refrigeration Repair is here to fix any problem on your microwave. Schedule for a service today! CALL (206)-557-3299).

Types of Microwave Oven We Repair

  • Countertop Microwave – This microwave comes in many sizes and wattages but can take up for valuable counter space and has no ventilation system.
  • Drawer Style – This microwave is usually installed underneath a wall or a countertop oven and slides out. Its height makes it very convenient for use of any family member.
  • Over-the-range – This kitchen appliance model is a combination of microwave oven and range hood to maximize functionality and space.
  • Built-in This type of microwave can perfectly blend with any cabinetry and features a drop-down door like a conventional oven. This is normally installed over kitchen stoves.

It is very essential for you to understand how wattage impacts how foods are quickly cooked in your microwave. Moreover, you must also consider your available kitchen space and the size of the cookware prior to choosing the best type and size of microwave for your kitchen.

Common Microwave Issues

If you happen to run into any of these microwave oven problems, you can call us at (206)-557-3299):

  • Microwave is not working. If the microwave is plugged in and its door is properly closed, the problem might be the fuse.
  • There are sparks inside the microwave. This is also known as arching. The sparks may be caused of utensils or foil in the microwave or ignited food splatters, shorted high-voltage diode or defective stirrer.
  • Turntable not rotating. If the turntable is not rotating, the carousel needs to be re-aligned on the turning mechanism. Another cause of this issue is a defect on the tray motor.
  • Microwave is not heating food. If your microwave does not heat food properly and making a buzzing noise, there could be a defective capacitor, diode or magnetron. They may need to be repaired or replaced by professional microwave repair in Seattle, WA like Metro Refrigeration Repair.
  • Touch pad work intermittently. The touch pad of your microwave may be damaged by insect infestation or water, which prevents you from selecting options for your food. This may need repair or replacement from a microwave repair in Seattle, WA to bring back its function.

As the premiere microwave repair in Seattle, WA, rest assured that our skilled technicians can replace any of the following:

  • Lights
  • Switches
  • Fan motors
  • Drive bushings
  • Diodes
  • Capacitors
  • Fuses
  • Tray motors
  • Stirrer belts
  • Magnetrons

If you have been experiencing any issues with your microwave oven, trust the only microwave repair in Seattle, WA that can provide you top-notch microwave repair services. Our qualified technicians at Metro Refrigeration Repair understand the inconvenience of a broken microwave. We can definitely help you solve the problem as fast as possible. Appliance troubles? Let us help! CALL (206)-557-3299) TODAY!